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Hot, Still, Quiet: Paris Is An Apparition Town In August

PARIS: Hot, still, noiseless. Welcome to Paris in August: one of Europe's biggest urban areas all of a sudden changed into a rich phantom town. Good fortunes, as a journalist, following any Parisian down.

At specific hours of the day, movement eases back to a stream on the city's fabulous Haussmannian streets. Written by hand signs in the windows of neighborhood bistros and boulangeries ask you - for the most part cordially - to return September. A feeling of drowsiness swarms: a lazy Seine, etched chestnut trees surging in the breeze and detectably less individuals.

In an affection tune from the 1960s, Charles Aznavour, the French Straight to the point Sinatra, put it along these lines: "Each road, each stone/is by all accounts just for us/only we're on the earth/in Paris, in the period of August." So it remains.

August here is a wonder unbelievably French. Representatives in France are qualified for five weeks of paid get-away consistently, more than in other …